OpenAFS Reference Manual

User Commands
afsIntroduction to AFS commands
afs_compile_etProduce error text tables for compilation
afsmonitorMonitors File Servers and Cache Managers
aklogObtain tokens for authentication to AFS
cmdebugReports the status of a host Cache Manager
copyauthCopies user's AFS credentials to a new cell
dlogAuthenticates to the DCE Security Service
fsIntroduction to the fs command suite
fs aproposDisplays each help entry containing a keyword string
fs bypassthresholdget/set Cache Bypass file size threshold
fs checkserversDisplays the status of server machines
fs checkvolumesForces the Cache Manager to update volume information
fs chgrpChanges the group for an object stored within AFS [Windows only]
fs chownChanges the owner for an object stored within AFS [Windows only]
fs cleanaclRemove obsolete entries from an ACL
fs copyaclCopies an ACL from a directory to one or more other directories
fs cscpolicyChange client side caching policy for AFS shares [Windows only]
fs diskfreeShows data about the partition housing a directory or file
fs examineShows data about the volume containing a directory or file
fs exportafsConfigures export of AFS to clients of other file systems
fs flushForces the Cache Manager to discard a cached file or directory
fs flushallForce the AFS Cache Manager to discard all data
fs flushmountForces the Cache Manager to discard a mount point
fs flushvolumeForces the Cache Manager to discard cached data from a volume
fs getcacheparmsDisplays the current size and usage of the cache
fs getcalleraccessShow the current user's access to a file or directory
fs getcellstatusReports whether setuid programs are honored in a cell
fs getclientaddrsDisplays the client interfaces to register
fs getcryptDisplays the state of encryption for AFS file transfers
fs getfidDisplay the fid for a given path in AFS
fs getserverprefsDisplays preference ranks for file servers or VL servers
fs helpDisplays help for fs commands
fs listaclDisplays ACLs
fs listaliasesDisplays the current list of aliases for AFS cells
fs listcellsDisplays the database server machines known to the Cache Manager
fs listquotaDisplays quota information for a volume
fs lsmountReports the volume for which a directory is the mount point.
fs memdumpDump AFS cache state and memory allocations [Windows only]
fs messagesSets whether the Cache Manager writes log messages
fs minidumpGenerate a minidump from the current afsd service
fs mkmountCreates a mount point for a volume
fs monitorEnable client logging to a remote monitoring station
fs newaliasCreates a new alias for a cell
fs newcellChanges the kernel-resident list of a cell's database servers
fs quotaDisplays the quota used in the volume containing a directory or file
fs rmmountRemoves a mount point
fs rxstatpeerManage per-peer Rx statistics collection
fs rxstatprocManage per-process Rx statistics collection
fs setaclSets the ACL for a directory
fs setcachesizeSets the size of the disk cache
fs setcbaddrConfigure IP address used for AFS callbacks
fs setcellConfigures permissions for setuid programs from specified cells
fs setclientaddrsSets the client interfaces to register with the File Server
fs setcryptEnables of disables the encryption of AFS file transfers
fs setquotaSets the quota for the volume containing a file or directory
fs setserverprefsSets the preference ranks for file servers or VL servers
fs setvolSet quota and messages for a volume containing a file or directory
fs storebehindEnables asynchronous writes to the file server
fs sysnameReports or sets the CPU/operating system type
fs traceEnable or disable AFS Cache Manager tracing
fs uuidPrints the uuid of the client or generates a new one
fs whereisReports each file server housing a file or directory
fs whichcellReturns the cell to which a file or directory belongs
fs wscellReturns the name of the cell to which a machine belongs
klog.krb5Authenticates to Kerberos and obtains a token
klog, klog.krbAuthenticates with the Authentication Server
knfsEstablishes authenticated access via the NFS/AFS Translator
kpasswdChanges the issuer's password in the Authentication Database
livesysReports the configured CPU/operating system type
pagsh, pagsh.krbCreates a new PAG
ptsIntroduction to the pts command suite
pts adduserAdds a user or machine to a Protection Database group
pts aproposDisplays each help entry containing a keyword string
pts chownChanges the owner of a Protection Database entry
pts creategroupCreates an (empty) Protection Database group entry
pts createuserCreates a user or machine entry in the Protection Database
pts deleteDeletes a Protection Database entry
pts examineDisplays a Protection Database entry
pts helpDisplays help for pts commands
pts interactiveEnters interactive mode
pts listentriesDisplays all users or groups in the Protection Database
pts listmaxDisplays the max user id and max group id counters
pts listownedShow the Protection Database groups owned by a user or group
pts membershipDisplays the membership list for a user or group
pts quitExit from pts interactive mode
pts removeuserRemoves a user from a Protection Database group
pts renameChanges the name of a Protection Database entry
pts setfieldsSets privacy flags or quota for a Protection Database entry
pts setmaxSets the value of the max group id or max user id counter
pts sleepPauses for a few seconds
pts sourceRead pts commands from a file
restorevolRestore a volume from vos dump to the local file system
rxdebugProvides debugging trace of Rx activity
rxgenStub generator for the Rx remote procedure call package
scoutMonitors the File Server process
symlinkIntroduction to the symlink command suite [Windows only]
symlink listShow the file to which a symlink points [Windows only]
symlink makeCreate a symbolic link [Windows only]
symlink removeRemove a symbolic link [Windows only]
sysReports the compile-time CPU/operating system type
tokens, tokens.krbDisplays the issuer's tokens
translate_etTranslates numbered error codes into text messages
udebugReports Ubik process status for a database server process
unlogDiscards all of the issuer's tokens
upRecursively copy directories, preserving AFS metadata
vosIntroduction to the vos command suite
vos addsiteAdds a read-only site definition to a volume's VLDB entry
vos aproposDisplays each help entry containing a keyword string
vos backupCreates a backup volume for a single read/write volume
vos backupsysCreates a backup volume for several read/write volumes
vos changeaddrChanges or removes a file server machine's entry in the VLDB
vos changelocChange a volume's entry in the VLDB
vos cloneCreates a shared-space copy of a volume on a partition
vos convertROtoRWConverts a Read-Only volume into a Read/Write volume
vos copyMake a copy of a volume
vos createCreates a read/write volume and associated VLDB entry
vos delentryRemoves a volume entry from the VLDB.
vos dumpConverts a volume into ASCII format and writes it to a file
vos endtransEnds a volserver transaction
vos examineShows volume header and VLDB entry information for a volume
vos helpDisplays help for vos commands
vos listaddrsDisplays all VLDB server entries
vos listpartDisplays all AFS partitions on a file server machine
vos listvldbDisplays a volume's VLDB entry
vos listvolDisplays information from a volume header
vos lockLocks a VLDB volume entry
vos moveMoves a read/write volume to another site
vos offlineTakes a volume offline
vos onlineBrings a volume online
vos partinfoReports the available and total space on a partition
vos releaseUpdates read-only volumes to match the read/write source volume
vos removeRemoves a volume from a site
vos remsiteRemoves a read-only site definition from a VLDB entry
vos renameRenames a volume
vos restoreConverts an ASCII dump file into an AFS volume
vos setaddrsSet new addresses for a file server's entry in the VLDB
vos setfieldsSets the quota or clear the access counter on a volume.
vos shadowCreates a shadow copy of a volume on a different server/partition
vos sizeComputes the size of a volume dump
vos statusReports a Volume Server's status
vos syncservVerifies VLDB entries that mention a specified site
vos syncvldbVerifies VLDB entries for volumes residing at specified site
vos unlockUnlocks a single VLDB entry
vos unlockvldbUnlocks several locked VLDB entries
vos zapRemoves a volume from its site without writing to the VLDB
xstat_cm_testDisplays data collections from the Cache Manager
xstat_fs_testDisplays data collections from the File Server process
Configuration and Data Files
AuthLog.dir, AuthLog.pagLog of Authentication Server privileged operations
AuthLogTraces Authentication Server operations
BackupLogTraces Backup Server operations
BosConfigDefines server processes for the BOS Server to monitor
BosLogTraces BOS Server operations
CellAliasMaps cell names to aliases in /afs
CellServDBLists the database server machines in AFS cells
FORCESALVAGEForces salvage of entire partition
FileLogTraces File Server operations
KeyFileDefines AFS server encryption keys
NetInfoDefines machine interfaces to register with AFS servers
NetRestrictDefines interfaces not to register with AFS servers
NoAuthDisables authorization checking
SALVAGE.fsTriggers salvaging of AFS server partitions
SalvageLogTraces Salvager operations
ThisCellDefines the local cell name
UserListDefines privileged administrators
VLLogTraces Volume Location Server operations
VolserLogTraces Volume Server operations
afsIntroduction to AFS files
afs cacheFormat of data stored in an AFS client disk cache
afs volume headerRepresents an AFS volume
afsmonitorProvides instructions for the afsmonitor command
afszcm.catError message catalog for debugging the Cache Manager
bdb.DB0, bdb.DBSYS1Contain the Backup Database and associated log
butcDefines Tape Coordinator instructions for automated tape devices
butc logsMessage logs from the Tape Coordinator process
cacheinfoDefines configuration parameters for the Cache Manager
fms.logRecords output from the fms command
kaserver.DB0, kaserver.DBSYS1The Authentication Database and associated log
kaserverauxdbRecords failed authentication attempts
krb.confConfigures the kerberos realm to AFS cell mapping
krb.exclLists exclusions for mapping kerberos principals to AFS identities
prdb.DB0, prdb.DBSYS1Contain the Protection Database and associated log
salvage.lockPrevents multiple simultaneous salvage operations on a partition
sysidLists file server machine interface addresses registered in VLDB
tapeconfigDefines parameters for tape devices and backup data files
ussProvides instructions for the uss add command (deprecated)
uss bulkProvides instructions for the uss bulk command (deprecated)
vldb.DB0, vldb.DBSYS1Contain the Volume Location Database and associated log
Administrator Commands
afsd, afsd.fuseInitializes the Cache Manager and starts related daemons
aklog_dynamic_authLAM module to obtain AFS tokens from Kerberos tickets
asetkeyAdd a key from a keytab to an AFS KeyFile
backupIntroduction to the backup command suite
backup adddumpDefines a dump level in the dump hierarchy
backup addhostAdds a Tape Coordinator entry to the Backup Database
backup addvolentryDefines a volume entry in a volume set
backup addvolsetCreates a new (empty) volume set
backup aproposDisplays each help entry containing a keyword string
backup dbverifyChecks the integrity of the Backup Database
backup deldumpDeletes a dump level from the Backup Database
backup deletedumpDeletes one or more dump records from the Backup Database
backup delhostDeletes a Tape Coordinator entry from the Backup Database
backup delvolentryDeletes a volume entry from a volume set
backup delvolsetDeletes one or more volume sets from the Backup Database
backup diskrestoreRestores the entire contents of a partition
backup dumpCreates a dump (dumps a volume set at a particular dump level)
backup dumpinfoDisplays a dump record from the Backup Database
backup helpDisplays help for backup commands
backup interactiveEnters interactive mode
backup jobsLists pending and running operations in interactive mode
backup killTerminates a pending or running operation
backup labeltapeCreates the magnetic label on a tape
backup listdumpsDisplays the dump hierarchy from the Backup Database
backup listhostsLists Tape Coordinators registered in the Backup Database
backup listvolsetsLists volume set entries from the Backup Database
backup quitLeaves interactive mode
backup readlabelReads and displays a tape's label
backup restoredbRestores a saved copy of the Backup Database
backup savedbCreates a saved copy of the Backup Database
backup scantapeExtracts dump information from a tape
backup setexpSets the expiration date for existing dump levels.
backup statusReports a Tape Coordinator's status
backup volinfoDisplays a volume's dump history from the Backup Database
backup volrestoreRestores one or more volumes
backup volsetrestoreRestores all volumes in a volume set
bosIntroduction to the bos command suite
bos addhostAdds a database server machine to the CellServDB file
bos addkeyAdds a new server encryption key to the KeyFile file
bos adduserAdds a privileged user to the UserList file
bos aproposDisplays each help entry containing a keyword string
bos createDefines a new process in the BosConfig file and starts it
bos deleteDeletes a server process from the BosConfig file
bos execExecutes a command on a remote server machine
bos getdateDisplays the time stamps on an AFS binary file
bos getlogPrints a server process's log file
bos getrestartDisplays the automatic restart times for server processes
bos getrestrictedDisplays whether a bos server is restricted or not
bos helpDisplays help for bos commands
bos installInstalls a new version of a binary file
bos listhostsDisplays the contents of the CellServDB file
bos listkeysDisplays the server encryption keys from the KeyFile file
bos listusersLists the privileged users from the UserList file
bos pruneRemoves obsolete files from /usr/afs/bin and /usr/afs/logs
bos removehostRemoves a database server machine from the CellServDB file
bos removekeyRemoves a server encryption key from the KeyFile file
bos removeuserRemoves a privileged user from the UserList file
bos restartRestarts a server process
bos salvageRestores internal consistency to a file system or volume
bos setauthSets authorization checking requirements for all server processes
bos setcellnameSets the cell's name in ThisCell and CellServDB
bos setrestartSets when the BOS Server restarts processes
bos setrestrictedplace a server in restricted mode
bos shutdownStops a process without changing its status flag
bos startStarts a process after setting its status flag
bos startupStarts a process without changing its status flag
bos statusDisplays the status of server processes
bos stopStops a process after changing its status flag
bos uninstallReverts to the former version of a process's binary file
bos utilManipulate the AFS server Keyfile
bosserverInitializes the BOS Server
buserverInitializes the Backup Server
butcInitializes the Tape Coordinator process
dafileserverInitializes the File Server component of the dafs process
dasalvagerInitializes the Salvager component of the dafs process
davolserverInitializes the Volume Server component of the dafs process
fileserverInitializes the File Server component of the fs process
fmsDetermine a tape's capacity and a tape device's filemark size
fssync-debug, dafssync-debugIntroduction to the fssync-debug command suite
fssync-debug_attachForces full volume attachment (FSYNC_VOL_ATTACH opcode)
fssync-debug_callbackBreaks callbacks for a volume (FSYNC_VOL_BREAKCBKS opcode)
fssync-debug_detachDetaches a volume (FSYNC_VOL_DONE opcode)
fssync-debug_errorForces volume into hard error state (FSYNC_VOL_FORCE_ERROR opcode)
fssync-debug_headerRetrieves volume disk data structure (FSYNC_VOL_QUERY_HDR opcode)
fssync-debug_leaveoffLeaves a volume offline (FSYNC_VOL_LEAVE_OFF opcode)
fssync-debug_listHistorical sync command (FSYNC_VOL_LISTVOLUMES opcode)
fssync-debug_modeChanges volume attach mode (FSYNC_VOL_NEEDVOLUME opcode)
fssync-debug_moveSets volume moved flag (FSYNC_VOL_MOVE opcode)
fssync-debug_offlineBrings a volume offline (FSYNC_VOL_OFF opcode)
fssync-debug_onlineBrings a volume online (FSYNC_VOL_ON opcode)
fssync-debug_queryDisplays volume structure (FSYNC_VOL_QUERY opcode)
fssync-debug_statsDisplays various statistics
fssync-debug_vgcaddAdd an entry to the VG cache (FSYNC_VG_UPDATE opcode)
fssync-debug_vgcdelDelete an entry from the VG cache (FSYNC_VG_UPDATE opcode)
fssync-debug_vgcqueryDisplays VG cache contents (FSYNC_VG_QUERY opcode)
fssync-debug_vgcscanForce a VG cache rescan (FSYNC_VG_SCAN opcode)
fssync-debug_vgcscanallForce a VG cache rescan on all partitions (FSYNC_VG_SCAN_ALL opcode)
fssync-debug_vnodeDisplay vnode info (FSYNC_VOL_QUERY_VNODE opcode)
fssync-debug_volopDisplay pending volume operation info (FSYNC_VOL_QUERY_VOP opcode)
fstraceIntroduction to the fstrace command suite
fstrace aproposDisplays each help entry containing a keyword string
fstrace clearClears the trace log
fstrace dumpDumps a trace log
fstrace helpDisplays help for fstrace commands
fstrace lslogDisplays information about a log
fstrace lssetReports the status of an event set
fstrace setlogSets the size of a trace log
fstrace setsetSets the status of an event set
ka-forwarderForward AFS Authentication Server requests to another server
kadb_checkChecks the integrity of the Authentication Database
kasIntroduction to the kas command suite
kas aproposDisplays each help entry containing a keyword string
kas createCreates an entry in the Authentication Database
kas deleteDeletes an entry from the Authentication Database
kas examineDisplays information from an Authentication Database entry
kas forgetticketDiscards all tickets for the issuer
kas helpDisplays help for kas commands
kas interactiveEnters interactive mode
kas listDisplays all entries in the Authentication Database
kas listticketsDisplays all of the issuer's tickets (tokens)
kas noauthenticationDiscards an authenticated identity in interactive mode
kas quitLeaves interactive mode
kas setfieldsSets fields in an Authentication Database entry
kas setpasswordChanges the key field in an Authentication Database entry
kas statisticsDisplays statistics from an Authentication Server process
kas stringtokeyConverts a character string into an octal key
kas unlockUnlocks a locked user account
kaserverInitializes the Authentication Server
kdbDisplays log or privileged actions performed by the Authentication Server
kpwvalidChecks quality of new password
prdb_checkChecks the integrity of the Protection Database
pt_utilLoad or dump a Protection Server database
ptserverInitializes the Protection Server
read_tapeReads volume dumps from a backup tape to a file
rmtsysdDaemon to execute AFS-specific system calls for remote hosts
salvagerInitializes the Salvager component of the fs process
salvageserverInitializes the Salvageserver component of the dafs process
state_analyzerExplores and queries the fileserver state database interactively
upclientInitializes the client portion of the Update Server
upserverInitializes the server portion of the Update Server
ussIntroduction to the uss command suite (deprecated)
uss addCreates a user account (deprecated)
uss aproposDisplays each help entry containing a keyword string (deprecated)
uss bulkExecutes multiple uss commands listed in a file (deprecated)
uss deleteDeletes a user account (deprecated)
uss helpDisplays help for uss commands (deprecated)
vldb_checkChecks the integrity of the VLDB
vldb_convertConvert the VLDB to/from Transarc AFS versions 3.1-3.4a
vlserverInitializes the Volume Location Server
voldumpDump an AFS volume without using the Volume Server
volinfoProduces detailed statistics about AFS volume headers
volserverInitializes the Volume Server component of the fs process
vsysMake AFS system calls from the command line
xfs_size_checkVerifies proper IRIX inode configuration