ka-forwarder - Forward AFS Authentication Server requests to another server


ka-forwarder [-p <port>] <server>[/<port>] [...]


ka-forwarder listens for requests for an AFS Authentication Server and forwards them to a remove fakeka server. fakeka is a server that answers AFS Authentication Server protocol requests using a regular Kerberos KDC and is provided with some Kerberos 5 implementations. fakeka has to run on the same host as the Kerberos KDC, however, and AFS clients send all native AFS authentication requests to the AFS database servers. If you don't want to run your Kerberos KDCs and your AFS database servers on the same host, run ka-forwarder on the AFS database servers and point it to fakeka running on the Kerberos KDCs.

ka-forwarder takes one or more servers to which to forward the requests. The default port on the remote server to which to forward the command is 7004, but a different port can be specified by following the server name with a slash (/) and the port number. If multiple servers are given, ka-forwarder will send queries to each server in turn in a round-robin fashion.


Due to the way that ka-forwarder distinguishes from client requests and server responses, any messages from one of the servers to which ka-forwarder is forwarding will be considered a reply rather than a command and will not be forwarded. This means that the servers running fakeka will not be able to use native AFS authentication requests and rely on ka-forwarder to send the requests to the right server.

ka-forwarder does not background itself. It should either be run in the background via the shell, or run via the Basic OverSeer Server (see bosserver(8)).


-p <port>

By default, ka-forwarder listens to the standard AFS Authentication Server port (7004). To listen to a different port, specify it with the -p option.


Forward AFS Authentication Server requests to the fakeka servers on and

    % ka-forwarder &

Note the & to tell the shell to run this command in the background.


ka-forwarder only has to listen to port 7004 and therefore does not require any special privileges unless a privileged port is specified with the -p option.


bosserver(8), fakeka(8), kaserver(8)


Copyright 2006 Russ Allbery <>

This documentation is covered by the IBM Public License Version 1.0. This man page was written by Russ Allbery for OpenAFS.