AuthLog.dir, AuthLog.pag - Log of Authentication Server privileged operations


The AuthLog.dir and AuthLog.pag files record a trace of privileged operations performed by the Authentication Server (kaserver process) on the local machine. If the files do not exist when the Authentication Server starts, it creates them in the /usr/afs/logs directory as necessary.

The files are in binary format. To display their contents, use the kdb command, which requires being logged in to the local machine as the local superuser root.


The Authentication Server is obsolete and is provided only for sites that need to use it while preparing for a migration to Kerberos KDC. It will be removed in a future version of OpenAFS.

The Authentication Server is possibly unable to create these files on some operating systems that AFS otherwise supports, making the kdb command inoperative.


kaserver(8), kdb(8)


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