kadb_check - Checks the integrity of the Authentication Database


kadb_check -database <kadb file> [-uheader] [-kheader] [-entries] [-verbose] [-rebuild <out file>] [-help]

kadb_check -d <kadb file> [-u] [-k] [-e] [-v] [-r <out file>] [-h]


The kadb_check command checks the integrity of the Authentication Database, reporting any errors or corruption it finds. If there are problems, do not issue any kas commands until the database is repaired.


The kadb_check command is only used with the database used by the obsolete Authentication Server, which should no longer be used. It is provided for sites that have not yet migrated to a Kerberos version 5 KDC. The Authentication Server and supporting commands, including kdb, will be removed in a future version of OpenAFS.

The results can be unpredictable if the Authentication Server makes changes to the Authentication Database while this command is running. Use the bos shutdown command to shutdown the local kaserver process before running this command, or before creating a second copy of the kaserver.DB0 file (with a different name) on which to run the command.


-database <kadb file>

Names the Authentication Database (copy of the kaserver.DB0 file) to check. If the current working directory is not the location of the file, provide a pathname, either full or relative to the current working directory.


Displays information which Ubik maintains in the database's header.


Displays information which the Authentication Server maintains in the database's header.


Outputs every entry in the database, providing information similar to that returned by the kas examine command.


Reports additional information about the database, including the number of free (allocated but unused) entries in the database.

-rebuild <out file>

Names the file in which to record a list of kas commands which, if issued in the command shell, recreate the current state of the database being verified. Partial pathnames are interpreted relative to the current working directory.


Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


If there are errors in the database, the output always reports them on the standard error stream. If any options other than -database or -help are provided, the output written to the standard output stream includes additional information as described for each option in OPTIONS. The output is intended for debugging purposes and is meaningful to someone familiar with the internal structure of the Authentication Database.


The issuer must be logged in as the local superuser root.


kaserver.DB0(5), bos_shutdown(8), kas_examine(8), kaserver(8)


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