kaserverauxdb - Records failed authentication attempts


The file kaserverauxdb records failed authentication attempts for the local Authentication Server. The server creates it automatically in the /usr/afs/local directory by default; use the -localfiles argument to the kaserver command to specify an alternate directory.

The kaserverauxdb file is an internal database used by the Authentication Server to prevent access by users who have exceeded the limit on failed authentication attempts defined in their Authentication Database entry. The Authentication Server refuses further attempts to authenticate to an account listed in the database until either an AFS system administrator issues the kas unlock command to unlock the account, or the timeout period defined in the user's Authentication Database entry passes.

The kaserverauxdb file is in binary format, so its contents are not directly accessible. However, the output from the kas examine command reports an account's maximum number of failed attempts, the lockout time, and whether the account is currently locked.


The Authentication Server is obsolete and is provided only for sites that need to use it while preparing for a migration to Kerberos KDC. It will be removed in a future version of OpenAFS.


kaserver.DB0(5), kas_examine(8), kas_unlock(8), kaserver(8)


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