state_analyzer - Explores and queries the fileserver state database interactively


state_analyzer [state dump file | -h]


The demand-attach file server makes host / callback information persistent. On shutdown, the state is saved to database fsstate.dat(5). On startup, the state is read, verified and restored. This allows for file server shutdowns or restarts without breaking all callbacks (an operation that could otherwise take a long time).

state_analyzer interactively explores and queries the saved state database, fsstate.dat(5).

This command is only supported on the demand-attach file server. It operates at an extremely low-level and hence requires detailed knowledge of the OpenAFS architecture and code.


state_analyzer supports the following interactive commands:

h <...> -- host menu
fe <...> -- FileEntry menu
cb <...> -- CallBack menu
hexdump [offset [len]] -- hex dump raw data
quit -- quit current menu
exit -- exit debugger
help -- help message


The issuer must have read access to the file server state database, fsstate.dat. Usually, this means that the issuer must be the local superuser root on the file server machine.


fsstate.dat(5), fssync-debug(8), salvsync-debug(8)


Copyright 2010 Davor Ocelic <>

This documentation is covered by the IBM Public License Version 1.0. This man page was written by Davor Ocelic for OpenAFS, based on documentation from Tom Keiser, Steven Jenkins and others.