afs_compile_et - Produce error text tables for compilation


afs_compile_et [-debug] [-language <lang>] [-prefix <prefix>] [-v <version>] <error_table>


The afs_compile_et command builds the error text tables for compilation. This includes both a header file that contains a set of mappings between error names and values and a .c (or .msf) file that provides a text table of descriptions.

The <error_table> argument specifies which error table to generate. The error table specification should exist in the current working directory or in the directory specified with -prefix and should be named


This command is used internally within the build process for OpenAFS. Most users will access this information via translate_et(1) rather than via afs_compile_et.

This command does not use the standard AFS command-line parsing package.



Does nothing. It neither adds debugging information to the output nor provides additional information on its operation.

-language <lang>

Specifies the type of output to generate. Currently, only ANSI C and K&R are supported values (via the c and k&r-c values, respectively). The default is ANSI C. There is some support for C++ started, but that is not yet supported.

-prefix <prefix

Specifies the directory to search for the file.

-v <version>

Specified the type of output file: valid values are 1 (the default, for C files) or 2, for .msf file generation.


The following command generates the files pterror.h and pterror.c, suitable for use with C programs:

   % afs_compile_et -p path/to/src/ptserver pterror

The following command generates K&R style files instead:

   % afs_compile_et -p path/to/src/ptserver -lang 'k&r-c' pterror




Copyright 2009 Steven Jenkins <>

This documentation is covered by the IBM Public License Version 1.0. This man page was written by Steven Jenkins for OpenAFS.