xfs_size_check - Verifies proper IRIX inode configuration




The xfs_size_check command, when run on a file server machine that runs IRIX version 6.2 or higher and uses XFS-formatted partitions as server partitions (conventionally mounted at /vicep directories), verifies that each partition uses 512-byte inodes. AFS stores information in the inodes on server partitions, and the 256-byte inode size that XFS uses by default is not large enough.


This command is available on in the AFS distribution for IRIX system types that can use XFS-formatted partitions as server partitions.


If all server partitions are properly configured, the command produces no output. Otherwise, it prints the following header:

   Need to remake the following partitions:

and then the following message for each partition on which to run the IRIX mkfs command with the indicated options:

   <device>: mkfs -t xfs -i size=512 -l size=4000b <device>

where <device> is in a format like /dev/dsk/dks0d0s0 for a single disk partition or /dev/xlv/xlv0 for a logical volume.


The issuer must be logged in as the local superuser root.


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