fs_cscpolicy - Change client side caching policy for AFS shares [Windows only]


fs cscpolicy [-share sharename [-manual|-programs|-documents|-disable] ]


The fs cscpolicy command sets the client side caching policy for a particular AFS share, or displays a list of policies.

This command can change the policy of only one share at a time.

Only one of the policy options -manual, -programs, -documents, or -disable, may be selected. The default policy is -manual.

After changing the policy for a share, you must close all applications that accessed files on this share, or restart AFS Client, for the change to take effect.


This command is only available on Windows.

Use of this functionality is not recommended. Windows Offline Folders do not work well with AFS since the AFS server is always present. When this functionality was contributed and incorporated, it was believed to be safe for the AFS cache manager to return BADNETPATH errors when a single file server or volume was inaccessible. It is now known that returning such errors causes the Microsoft SMB redirector to drop the connection to the AFS server resulting in serious side effects.

This functionality is specific to use with the Microsoft SMB redirector. Client Side Caching (Offline Folders) is built into that driver and will not be present in the native AFS redirector, so this functionality will be removed at a future date.


-share sharename

The name of the share whose policy is to be changed. (If omitted, no share policy is changed.)


Specifies manual caching of documents.


Specifies automatic caching of programs and documents.


Specifies automatic caching of documents.


Disables caching.


When changing the policy of a share, the output is:

   CSC policy on share "share" changed to "policy".
   Close all applications that accessed files on this share or restart AFS Client for the change to take effect.

When displaying policies, the output is:

   policyname = policy


The following command disables all caching on the share "AFS1":

   % fs cscpolicy -share AFS1 -disable

The following command displays all policies currently in effect:

   % fs cscpolicy


The issuer must be have AFS Client Administrator access, either to display or to set policies.

In addition, to change policies, the issuer must be a Windows Administrator, since policy information is stored in a protected area of the Windows Registry.


This document was written by Mike Robinson, and is released under the IBM Public License Version 1.0. Jeffrey Altman made several corrections, clarifications, and additions.