uss_help - Displays help for uss commands (deprecated)


uss help [-topic <help string>+] [-help]

uss h [-t <help string>+] [-h]


The uss command suite is currently designed for cells using the obsolete Authentication Server, and therefore is primarily useful for sites that have not yet migrated to a Kerberos version 5 KDC. The Authentication Server and supporting commands will be removed in a future version of OpenAFS, which may include uss unless someone who finds it useful converts it to work with a Kerberos version 5 KDC.


The uss help command displays the complete online help entry (short description and syntax statement) for each command operation code specified by the -topic argument. If the -topic argument is omitted, the output includes the first line (name and short description) of the online help entry for every uss command.

To list every uss command whose name or short description includes a specified keyword, use the uss apropos command.


-topic <help string>+

Indicates each command for which to display the complete online help entry. Omit the uss part of the command name, providing only the operation code (for example, specify bulk, not uss bulk). If this argument is omitted, the output briefly describes every uss command.


Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


The online help entry for each uss command consists of the following two or three lines:


The following command displays the online help entry for the uss bulk command:

   % uss help bulk
   uss bulk: bulk input mode
   Usage: uss bulk -file <bulk input file> [-template <pathname
   of template file>] [-verbose] [-cell <cell name>] [-admin
   <administrator to authenticate>] [-dryrun] [-skipauth] [-overwrite]
   [-pwexpires <password expires in [0..254] days (0 => never)>] [-pipe]




uss(8), uss_apropos(8)


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