fstrace_apropos - Displays each help entry containing a keyword string


fstrace apropos -topic <help string> [-help]

fstrace a -t <help string> [-h]


The fstrace apropos command displays the first line of the online help entry for any fstrace command that contains in its name or short description the string specified with the -topic argument.

To display a command's complete syntax, use the fstrace help command.


-topic <help string>

Specifies the keyword string to match, in lowercase letters only. If the string is more than a single word, surround it with double quotes ("") or other delimiters.


Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


The first line of a command's online help entry names it and briefly describes its function. This command displays the first line for any fstrace command where the string specified with the -topic argument is part of the command name or first line.


The following command lists all fstrace commands that include the word set in their names or short descriptions:

   % fstrace apropos set
   clear: clear logs by logname or by event set
   lsset: list available event sets
   setlog: set the size of a log
   setset: set state of event sets




fstrace(8), fstrace_help(8)


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