afsmonitor - Provides instructions for the afsmonitor command


The afsmonitor configuration file determines which machines the afsmonitor command probes for File Server or Cache Manager statistics and which statistics it gathers. Use the -config argument to the afsmonitor command to identify the configuration file to use.

The instructions that can appear in the configuration file are as follows:

cm <host name>

Names a client machine for which to display Cache Manager statistics. The order of cm lines in the file determines the order in which client machines appear from top to bottom on the System Overview and Cache Managers output screens.

fs <host name>

Names a file server machine for which to display File Server statistics. The order of fs lines in the file determines the order in which file server machines appear from top to bottom on the System Overview and File Servers output screens.

thresh (fs | cm) <field> <thresh> [<cmd>] [<arg> ...]

Assigns the threshold value thresh to the statistic field, for either a File Server statistic (fs) or a Cache Manager statistic (cm). The optional cmd field names a binary or script to execute each time the value of the statistic changes from being below thresh to being at or above thresh. A change between two values that both exceed thresh does not retrigger the binary or script. The optional arg fields are additional values that the afsmonitor program passes as arguments to the cmd command. If any of them include one or more spaces, enclose the entire field in double quotes.

The afsmonitor program passes the following parameters to the cmd:

    <hostname> (fs|cm) <field> <thresh> <actual> [<arg> ...]

The parameters fs, cm, <field>, <thresh>, and <arg> correspond to the values with the same name on the thresh line. The <hostname> parameter identifies the file server or client machine where the statistic has crossed the threshold, and the <actual> parameter is the actual value of <field> that exceeds the threshold value.

Use the thresh line to set either a global threshold, which applies to all file server machines listed on fs lines or client machines listed on cm lines in the configuration file, or a machine-specific threshold, which applies to only one file server or client machine.

show (fs | cm) field/group/section

Specifies which individual statistic, group of statistics, or section of statistics to display on the File Servers screen (fs) or Cache Managers screen (cm) and the order in which to display them. The appendix of afsmonitor statistics in the OpenAFS Administration Guide specifies the group and section to which each statistic belongs. Include as many show lines as necessary to customize the screen display as desired, and place them anywhere in the file. The top-to-bottom order of the show lines in the configuration file determines the left-to-right order in which the statistics appear on the corresponding screen.

If there are no show lines in the configuration file, then the screens display all statistics for both Cache Managers and File Servers. Similarly, if there are no show fs lines, the File Servers screen displays all file server statistics, and if there are no show cm lines, the Cache Managers screen displays all client statistics.

# comments

Precedes a line of text that the afsmonitor program ignores because of the initial number (#) sign, which must appear in the very first column of the line.

For a list of the values that can appear in the field/group/section field of a show instruction, see the afsmonitor statistics appendix to the OpenAFS Administration Guide.




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