Chapter 13. Administering the Protection Database

Table of Contents

Summary of Instructions
About the Protection Database
The System Groups
Displaying Information from the Protection Database
To display a Protection Database entry
To display group membership
To list the groups that a user or group owns
To display all Protection Database entries
Creating User and Machine Entries
To create machine entries in the Protection Database
Creating Groups
Using Groups Effectively
To create groups
To create a self-owned group
Using Prefix-Less Groups
Adding and Removing Group Members
To add users and machines to groups
To remove users and machines from groups
Deleting Protection Database Entries
To delete Protection Database entries
Changing a Group's Owner
To change a group's owner
Changing a Protection Database Entry's Name
To change the name of a machine or group entry
Setting Group-Creation Quota
To set group-creation quota
Setting the Privacy Flags on Database Entries
To set a Protection Database entry's privacy flags
Displaying and Setting the AFS UID and GID Counters
To display the AFS ID counters
To set the AFS ID counters

This chapter explains how to create and maintain user, machine, and group entries in the Protection Database.

Summary of Instructions

This chapter explains how to perform the following tasks by using the indicated commands:

Display Protection Database entrypts examine
Map user, machine or group name to AFS IDpts examine
Display entry's owner or creatorpts examine
Display number of users or machines belonging to grouppts examine
Display number of groups user or machine belongs topts examine
Display group-creation quotapts examine
Display entry's privacy flagspts examine
Display members of group, or groups that user or machine belongs topts membership
Display groups that user or group ownspts listowned
Display all entries in Protection Databasepts listentries
Create machine entrypts createuser
Create group entrypts creategroup
Add users and machines to groupspts adduser
Remove users and machines from groupspts removeuser
Delete machine or group entrypts delete
Change a group's ownerpts chown
Change an entry's namepts rename
Set group creation quotapts setfields
Set entry's privacy flagspts setfields
Display AFS ID counterspts listmax
Set AFS ID counterspts setmax