Changing a Protection Database Entry's Name

To change the name of a Protection Database entry, use the pts rename command. It is best to change a user entry's name only when renaming the entire user account, since so many components of the account (Authentication Database entry, volume name, home directory mount point, and so on) share the name. For instructions, see Changing Usernames. A machine entry's name maps to the actual IP address of one or more machine, so changing the entry's name is appropriate only if the IP addresses have changed.

It is likely, then, that most often you need to change group names. The following types of name changes are possible:

To change the name of a machine or group entry

  1. Verify that you belong to the system:administrators group. If necessary, issue the pts membership command, which is fully described in To display the members of the system:administrators group.

       % pts membership system:administrators
  2. Issue the pts rename command to change the entry's name.

       % pts rename <old name> <new name>



    Is the shortest acceptable abbreviation of rename.

    old name

    Specifies the entry's current name.

    new name

    Specifies the new name. If the new name is for a regular group, the owner_name prefix must correctly indicate the owner.