Deleting Protection Database Entries

It is best to delete a Protection Database user entry only if you are removing the complete user account. Use either the uss delete command as described in Deleting Individual Accounts with the uss delete Command, or the pts delete command as described in Removing a User Account.

To remove machine and group entries, use the pts delete command as described in this section. The operation has the following results:

To delete Protection Database entries

  1. Verify that you belong to the system:administrators group or own the group you are deleting. If necessary, issue the pts membership command, which is fully described in To display the members of the system:administrators group.

       % pts membership system:administrators
  2. Issue the pts delete command to delete one or more entries from the Protection Database.

       % pts delete <user or group name or id>+



    Is the shortest acceptable abbreviation of delete.

    user or group name or id

    Specifies the IP address or AFS UID of each machine or the name or AFS GID or each group to remove.