BOS Server Events

AFS_BOS_CreBnodP CECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_CreateBnode - Create a process instance.
AFS_BOS_DelBnodP CECode AFSName HostID instanceBOZO_DeleteBnode - Delete a process instance.
AFS_BOS_SetReStP M CECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_Restart - Restart a given process instance.
AFS_BOS_GetLogPECode AFSName HostIDStartBOZO_GetLog - Pass the IN params when fetching a BOS Server log file.
AFS_BOS_SetStatP M CECode AFSName HostID instanceBOZO_SetStatus - Set process instance status and goal.
AFS_BOS_SetTStaP M CECode AFSName HostID instanceBOZO_SetTStatus - Temporarily set process instance status and goal.
AFS_BOS_StartAlP CECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_StartupAll - Start all existing process instances.
AFS_BOS_ShtdAllP CECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_ShutdownAll - Shut down all process instances.
AFS_BOS_ReStAllP CECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_RestartAll - Shut down, then restart all process instances.
AFS_BOS_ReBosP CECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_ReBozo - Shut down, then restart all process instances and the BOS Server itself.
AFS_BOS_ReBosInP CECodeBOZO_ReBozo - Same as AFS_BOS_ReBos but done internally (server restarts).
AFS_BOS_ReStartP CECode AFSName HostID instanceBOZO_Restart - Restart a given process instance.
AFS_BOS_WaitAllP CECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_WaitAll - Wait until all process instances have reached their goals.
AFS_BOS_AddSUsrS PECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_AddSUser - Add a user to the UserList.
AFS_BOS_DelSUsrS PECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_DeleteSUser - Delete a user from the UserList.
AFS_BOS_LstSUsrNoneECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_ListSUsers - Get the name of the user in the given position in the UserList file.
AFS_BOS_LstKeyPECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_ListKeys - List information about the key at a given index in the key file.
AFS_BOS_LstKeyUPECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_ListKeys - Same as AFS_BOS_LstKey, but unauthorized.
AFS_BOS_AddKeyS PECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_AddKey - Add a key to the key file.
AFS_BOS_DelKeyS PECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_DeleteKey - Delete the entry for an AFS key.
AFS_BOS_SetNoAuS PECode AFSName HostID flagBOZO_SetNoAuthFlag - Enable or disable authenticated call requirements.
AFS_BOS_SetCellS PECode AFSName HostID nameBOZO_SetCellName - Set the name of the cell to which the BOS Server belongs.
AFS_BOS_AddHstS PECode AFSName HostID nameBOZO_AddCellHost - Add an entry to the list of database server hosts.
AFS_BOS_DelHstS PECode AFSName HostID nameBOZO_DeleteCellHost - Delete an entry from the list of database server hosts.
AFS_BOS_InstP O MECode AFSName HostID name

StartBOZO_Install - Pass the IN parameters when installing a server binary.

EndBOZO_Install - Get the OUT parameters when installing a server binary.

AFS_BOS_UnInstP O MECode AFSName HostID nameBOZO_UnInstall - Roll back from a server binary installation.
AFS_BOS_PrnLogP OECode AFSName HostIDBOZO_Prune - Throw away old versions of server binaries and core file.
AFS_BOS_ExecP CECode AFSName HostID cmdBOZO_Exec - Execute a shell command at the server.
AFS_BOS_DoExecP CECode execThe bosserver process was restarted.
AFS_BOS_StpProcP CECode cmdAn RPC to stop any process controlled by the BOS Server.