Volume Location Server Events

AFS_VL_CreEntP MECode AFSName HostID nameVL_CreateEntry - Create a VLDB entry.
AFS_VL_DelEntP MECode AFSName HostID volIDVL_DeleteEntry - Delete a VLDB entry.
AFS_VL_GetNVlIDNoneECode AFSName HostIDVL_GetNewVolumeId - Generate a new volume ID.
AFS_VL_RepEntP MECode AFSName HostID volIDVL_ReplaceEntry - Replace entire contents of VLDB entry.
AFS_VL_UpdEntP MECode AFSName HostID volIDVL_UpdateEntry - Update contents of VLDB entry.
AFS_VL_SetLckPECode AFSName HostID volIDVL_SetLock - Lock VLDB entry.
AFS_VL_RelLckPECode AFSName HostID volIDVL_ReleaseLock - Unlock VLDB entry.