File Server and Cache Manager Interface Events

AFS_SRX_FchACLNoneECode AFSName HostID (FID)RXAFS_FetchACL - Fetch the ACL associated with the given AFS file identifier.
AFS_SRX_FchStatNoneECode AFSName HostID (FID)RXAFS_FetchStatus - Fetch the status information for a file system object.
AFS_SRX_StACLMECode AFSName HostID (FID)RXAFS_StoreACL - Associate an ACL with the names directory.
AFS_SRX_StStatMECode AFSName HostID (FID)RXAFS_StoreStatus - Store status information for the specified file.
AFS_SRX_RmFileOECode AFSName HostID (FID) nameRXAFS_RemoveFile - Delete the given file.
AFS_SRX_CrFileOECode AFSName HostID (FID) nameRXAFS_CreateFile - Create the given file.
AFS_SRX_RNmFileO MECode AFSName HostID (oldFID) oldName (newFID) newNameRXAFS_Rename - Rename the specified file in the given directory.
AFS_SRX_SymLinkOECode AFSName HostID (FID) nameRXAFS_Symlink - Create a symbolic link.
AFS_SRX_LinkOECode AFSName HostID (FID) name (FID)RXAFS_Link - Create a hard link.
AFS_SRX_MakeDirOECode AFSName HostID (FID) nameRXAFS_MakeDir - Create a directory.
AFS_SRX_RmDirOECode AFSName HostID (FID) nameRXAFS_RemoveDir - Remove a directory.
AFS_SRX_SetLockNoneECode AFSName HostID (FID) typeRXAFS_SetLock - Set an advisory lock on the given file identifier.
AFS_SRX_ExtLockNoneECode AFSName HostID (FID)RXAFS_ExtendLock - Extend an advisory lock on a file.
AFS_SRX_RelLockNoneECode AFSName HostID (FID)RXAFS_ReleaseLock - Release the advisory lock on a file.
AFS_SRX_FchDataNoneECode AFSName HostID (FID)StartRXAFS_FetchData - Begin a request to fetch file data.
AFS_SRX_StDataOECode AFSName HostID (FID)StartRXAFS_StoreData - Begin a request to store file data.
AFS_SRX_BFchStaNoneECode AFSName HostID (FID)RXAFS_BulkStatus - Fetch status information regarding a set of file system objects.
AFS_SRX_SetVolSMECode AFSName HostID volId volNameRXAFS_SetVolumeStatus - Set the basic status information for the named volume.
AFS_PrivPECode viceId callRoutineChecking Permission Rights of user - user has permissions.
AFS_PrivSetPECode viceId callRoutineSet the privileges of a user.