Appendix A. Appendix A. Building OpenAFS from Source Code

Table of Contents

Loading the Source Files
Compiling OpenAFS Binaries Using Configure and Make

This chapter describes how to build OpenAFS from source code.

Loading the Source Files

Working on an AFS client machine, login to AFS as a administrative user, then perform these steps to load the OpenAFS source tree from the OpenAFS Source Distribution.

  1. Create and mount a volume for housing the OpenAFS source tree. These instructions name the volume src.afs and mount it at the /afs/cellname/afs/src directory.

    Setting the -maxquota argument to 0 (zero) sets an unlimited quota on the volume, which enables you to copy all of the files into the volume without exceeding its quota. If you wish, you can set the volume's quota to a finite value after you complete the copying operation. At that point, use the vos examine command to determine how much space the volume is occupying. Then issue the fs setquota command to set a quota that is slightly larger.

       # vos create <machine name> <partition name> src.afs -maxquota 0 
       # cd /afs/.cellname
       # mkdir afs
       # fs mkmount afs/src src.afs
       # vos release root.cell
       # fs checkvolumes
  2. Download the latest stable OpenAFS source distribution (openafs-src.X.Y.Z.tar.gz) from to the local /tmp directory.

  3. In the local /tmp directory, unpack the source archive.

       # cd /tmp
       # gzip -dc openafs-src-X.Y.Z.tar.gz | tar xvf -

  4. Copy the source files from the unpacked archive into the newly created volume.

       # cd /tmp/openafs-X.Y.Z
       # cp -rp  *  /afs/.cellname/afs/src