Appendix A. Managing the NFS/AFS Translator

Table of Contents

Summary of Instructions
Enabling Unauthenticated or Authenticated AFS Access
Setting the AFSSERVER and AFSCONF Environment Variables
Delayed Writes for Files Saved on NFS Client Machines
Configuring NFS/AFS Translator Machines
Loading NFS and AFS Kernel Extensions
Configuring the Translator Machine to Accept AFS Commands
Controlling Optional Translator Features
To configure an NFS/AFS translator machine
To disable or enable Translator functionality, or set optional features
Configuring NFS Client Machines
To configure an NFS client machine to access AFS
Configuring User Accounts
To configure a user account for issuing AFS commands
Authenticating on Unsupported NFS Client Machines
To authenticate using the knfs command
To display tokens using the knfs command
To discard tokens using the knfs command

The NFS(R)/AFS(R) Translator enables users working on NFS client machines to access, create and remove files stored in AFS. This chapter assumes familiarity with both NFS and AFS.

Summary of Instructions

This chapter explains how to perform the following tasks by using the indicated commands:

Mount directory on translator machinemount
Examine value of @sys variablefs sysname
Enable/disable reexport of AFS, set other parametersfs exportafs
Assign AFS tokens to user on NFS client machineknfs