Chapter 15. Managing Administrative Privilege

Table of Contents

Summary of Instructions
An Overview of Administrative Privilege
The Reason for Separate Privileges
Administering the system:administrators Group
To display the members of the system:administrators group
To add users to the system:administrators group
To remove users from the system:administrators group
Granting Privilege for kas Commands: the ADMIN Flag
To check if the ADMIN flag is set
To set or remove the ADMIN flag
Administering the UserList File
To display the users in the UserList file
To add users to the UserList file
To remove users from the UserList file

This chapter explains how to enable system administrators and operators to perform privileged AFS operations.

Summary of Instructions

This chapter explains how to perform the following tasks by using the indicated commands:

Display members of system:administrators grouppts membership
Add user to system:administrators grouppts adduser
Remove user from system:administrators grouppts removeuser
Display ADMIN flag in Authentication Database entrykas examine
Set or remove ADMIN flag on Authentication Database entrykas setfields
Display users in UserList filebos listusers
Add user to UserList filebos adduser
Remove user from UserList filebos removeuser