Chapter 11. Creating and Deleting User Accounts with the uss Command Suite

Table of Contents

Summary of Instructions
Overview of the uss Command Suite
The Components of an AFS User Account
Privilege Requirements for the uss Commands
Avoiding and Recovering from Errors and Interrupted Operations
Creating Local Password File Entries with uss
Assigning AFS and UNIX UIDs that Match
Specifying Passwords in the Local Password File
Creating a Common Source Password File
Converting Existing UNIX Accounts with uss
Making UNIX and AFS UIDs Match
Setting the Password Field Appropriately
Moving Local Files into AFS
Constructing a uss Template File
Creating the Three Types of User Accounts
Using Constants and Variables in the Template File
Where to Place Template Files
Some General Rules for Constructing a Template
About Creating Local Disk Directories and Files
Example uss Templates
Evenly Distributing User Home Directories with the G Instruction
Creating a Volume with the V Instruction
Creating a Directory with the D Instruction
Creating a File from a Prototype with the F Instruction
Creating One-Line Files with the E Instruction
Creating Links with the L and S Instructions
Increasing Account Security with the A Instruction
Executing Commands with the X Instruction
Creating Individual Accounts with the uss add Command
To create an AFS account with the uss add command
Deleting Individual Accounts with the uss delete Command
To delete an AFS account
Creating and Deleting Multiple Accounts with the uss bulk Command
Constructing a Bulk Input File
Example Bulk Input File Instructions
To create and delete multiple AFS user accounts

The uss command suite helps you create and delete AFS user accounts quickly and easily. You can create a single account with the uss add command, delete a single account with the uss delete command, or create and delete multiple accounts with the uss bulk command.

A single uss add or uss bulk command can create a complete AFS user account because the uss command interpreter refers to a template file in which you predefine the configuration of many account components. The uss delete command deletes most of the components of a user account, but does not use a template file.

The uss suite also easily incorporates shell scripts or other programs that you write to perform parts of account creation and deletion unique to your site. To invoke a script or program automatically as a uss command runs, use the appropriate instructions in the template file or bulk input file. Various sections of this chapter discuss possible uses for scripts.

Using the uss commands to create and delete accounts is the recommended method because it automates and correctly orders most of the necessary steps. The alternative is to issue a series of separate commands to the various AFS servers, which requires more careful record keeping. For instructions, see Administering User Accounts.

Summary of Instructions

This chapter explains how to perform the following tasks by using the indicated commands:

Add a single user accountuss add
Delete a single user accountuss delete
Add and delete multiple accountsuss bulk