Setting a Client Machine's Cell Membership

Each client machine belongs to a particular cell, as named in the /usr/vice/etc/ThisCell on its local disk. The machine's cell membership determines three defaults important to users of the machine:

To display a client machine's cell membership

  1. Use a text editor or the cat command to display the contents of the /usr/vice/etc/ThisCell file.

       % cat /usr/vice/etc/ThisCell

To set a client machine's cell membership

  1. Become the local superuser root on the machine, if you are not already, by issuing the su command.

       % su root
       Password: <root_password>
  2. Using a text editor, replace the cell name in the /usr/vice/etc/ThisCell file.

  3. (Optional.) Reboot the machine to enable the Cache Manager to use the new cell name immediately; the appropriate command depends on the machine's system type. The klog program, AFS-modified login utilities, and the AFS command interpreters use the new cell name the next time they are invoked; no reboot is necessary.

       # sync
       # shutdown