Setting the File Server Probe Interval

The Cache Manager periodically sends a probe to server machines to verify that they are still accessible. Specifically, it probes the database server machines in its cell and those file servers that house data it has cached.

If a server process does not respond to a probe, the client machine assumes that it is inaccessible. By default, the interval between probes is three minutes, so it can take up to three minutes for a client to recognize that a server process is once again accessible after it was inaccessible.

To adjust the probe interval, include the -interval argument to the fs checkservers command while logged in as the local superuser root. The new interval setting persists until you again issue the command or reboot the machine, at which time the setting returns to the default. To preserve a nondefault setting across reboots, include the appropriate fs checkservers command in the machine's AFS initialization file.

To set a client's file server probe interval

  1. Become the local superuser root on the machine, if you are not already, by issuing the su command.

       % su root
       Password: <root_password>
  2. Issue the fs checkservers command with the -interval argument.

       # fs checkservers -interval <seconds between probes>



    Is the shortest acceptable abbreviation of checkservers.


    Specifies the number of seconds between probes. Provide an integer value greater than zero.