Chapter 6. Configuring the AFS Backup System

Table of Contents

Summary of Instructions
Introduction to Backup System Features
Volume Sets and Volume Entries
Dumps and Dump Sets
Dump Hierarchies, Dump Levels and Expiration Dates
Dump Names and Tape Names
Tape Labels, Dump Labels, and EOF Markers
Tape Coordinator Machines, Port Offsets, and Backup Data Files
The Backup Database and Backup Server Process
Interfaces to the Backup System
Overview of Backup System Configuration
Configuring the tapeconfig File
To run the fms command on a noncompressing tape device
Granting Administrative Privilege to Backup Operators
Configuring Tape Coordinator Machines and Tape Devices
To configure a Tape Coordinator machine
To configure an additional Tape Coordinator on an existing Tape Coordinator machine
To unconfigure a Tape Coordinator
To display the list of configured Tape Coordinators
Defining and Displaying Volume Sets and Volume Entries
To create a volume set
To add a volume entry to a volume set
To display volume sets and volume entries
To delete a volume set
To delete a volume entry from a volume set
Defining and Displaying the Dump Hierarchy
Creating a Tape Recycling Schedule
Archiving Tapes
Defining Expiration Dates
To add a dump level to the dump hierarchy
To change a dump level's expiration date
To delete a dump level from the dump hierarchy
To display the dump hierarchy
Writing and Reading Tape Labels
Recording a Name on the Label
Recording a Capacity on the Label
To label a tape
To read the label on a tape
Automating and Increasing the Efficiency of the Backup Process
Creating a Device Configuration File
Invoking a Device's Tape Mounting and Unmounting Routines
Eliminating the Search or Prompt for the Initial Tape
Enabling Default Responses to Error Conditions
Eliminating the AFS Tape Name Check
Setting the Memory Buffer Size to Promote Tape Streaming
Dumping Data to a Backup Data File
To configure a backup data file

The AFS Backup System helps you to create backup copies of data from AFS volumes and to restore data to the file system if it is lost or corrupted. This chapter explains how to configure the Backup System. For instructions on backing up and restoring data and displaying dump records, see Backing Up and Restoring AFS Data.

Summary of Instructions

This chapter explains how to perform the following tasks by using the indicated commands:

Determine tape capacity and filemark sizefms
Define Tape Coordinator entry in Backup Databasebackup addhost
Remove Tape Coordinator entry from Backup Databasebackup delhost
Display Tape Coordinator entries from Backup Databasebackup listhosts
Create volume setbackup addvolset
Add volume entry to volume setbackup addvolentry
List volume sets and entriesbackup listvolsets
Delete volume set from Backup Databasebackup delvolset
Delete volume entry from volume setbackup delvolentry
Define dump levelbackup adddump
Change expiration date on existing dump levelbackup setexp
Delete dump level from dump hierarchybackup deldump
Display dump hierarchybackup listdumps
Label tapebackup labeltape
Read label on tapebackup readlabel