Document Organization

This document is divided into the following chapters.

An Introduction to OpenAFS introduces the basic concepts and functions of AFS. To use AFS successfully, it is important to be familiar with the terms and concepts described in this chapter.

Using OpenAFS describes how to use AFS's basic features: how to log in and authenticate, and access AFS files and directories in AFS.

Displaying Information about OpenAFS describes how to display information about AFS volume quota and location, file server machine status, and the foreign cells you can access.

Protecting Your Directories and Files describes how to protect your data using AFS access control lists (ACLs).

Using Groups describes how to create and manage groups.

Troubleshooting outlines step-by-step diagnostic and corrective steps for specific problems.

Appendix A, Using the NFS/AFS Translator describes how to use the NFS/AFS Translator to access the AFS filespace from an NFS client machine.

Appendix B, OpenAFS Command Syntax and Online Help describes AFS command syntax and how to obtain online information about commands.

Appendix C, Glossary defines terms used in the OpenAFS User Guide.