4.7. RX (AFS RPC) debugging (rxdebug)

The rxdebug.exe tool can be used to query a variety of information about the AFS services installed on a given machine. The port for the AFS Cache Manager is 7001.

    Usage: rxdebug -servers <server machine> [-port <IP port>] [-nodally]
           [-allconnections] [-rxstats] [-onlyserver] [-onlyclient]
           [-onlyport <show only <port>>]
           [-onlyhost <show only <host>>]
           [-onlyauth <show only <auth level>>] [-version]
           [-noconns] [-peers] [-help]
    Where: -nodally         don't show dallying conns
           -allconnections  don't filter out uninteresting connections
           -rxstats         show Rx statistics
           -onlyserver      only show server conns
           -onlyclient      only show client conns
           -version         show AFS version id
           -noconns         show no connections
           -peers           show peers