4.5. Creating Microsoft MiniDumps (fs minidump -> %WinDir%\TEMP\afsd.dmp)

If the AFS Client Service become unresponsive to any form of communication there may be a serious error that can only be debugged by someone with access to the source code and a debugger. The "fs minidump" command can be used to force the generation of a MiniDump file containing the state of all of the threads in the AFS Client Service process. The most accurate MiniDump files will be produced after installing " Microsoft Debugging Tools for Windows".

The MiniDumpType registry value can be used to adjust the scope of the process information included within the dump file. By default the MiniDump only contains the stacks of all threads and the values of all global variables. A much more useful MiniDump is one that contains the contents of the heap. Be warned, a MiniDump with heap will be as large as the cache file. In addition, it will include all of the data stored within the cache. If there are privacy concerns, do not produce a MiniDump with heap.