4.2. afsd_service initialization log (%WinDir%\TEMP\afsd_init.log)

Every time the AFS Client Service starts it appends data about its progress and configuration to a file. This file provides information crucial to determining why the service cannot start when there are problems. When the process terminates due to a panic condition it will write to this file the source code file and line number of the error. In many cases the panic condition is due to a misconfiguration of the machine. In other cases it might be due to a programming error in the software. A quick review of the location in the source code will quickly reveal the reason for the termination.

The MaxLogSize registry value determines the maximum size of the %WINDIR%\TEMP\afsd_init.log file. If the file is larger than this value when OpenAFS Client Service starts, the file will be reset to 0 bytes. If value is set to 0, the file will be allowed to grow indefinitely.