3.45. Differences between Windows and UNIX fs examine

The OpenAFS for Windows version of "fs examine" provide two additional lines of output when compared to the UNIX implementation. These lines include the owner and group information for the file as well as the volume status. The Windows output will also indicate the type of object {File, Directory, Mountpoint, Symlink, ...} that was examined.

[C:\]fs examine \\afs\athena#user.jaltman

Directory \\afs\athena#user.jaltman (537235559.1.1) contained in cell athena.mit.edu

Owner jaltman (28180) Group jaltman (28180)

Volume status for vid = 537235559 named user.jaltman is

Current disk quota is 1500000

Current blocks used are 1244184

The partition has 151945877 blocks available out of 511163724

Volume is online

The object owner and group and UNIX mode information is not available on Microsoft Windows via any other method.

To set the owner use fs chown -owner <user name or id> [-path <dir/file path>+] [-literal]

To set the group use fs chgrp -group <user name or id> [-path <dir/file path>+] [-literal]

To set the UNIX mode use fs chmod -mode <UNIX mode bits> [-path <dir/file path>+] [-literal]