3.16. IBM AFS INI Files Replaced By Windows Registry Keys

IBM AFS and OpenAFS 1.2 Windows clients stored configuration data in Windows .INI files. This OpenAFS client does not use Windows .INI files for the storage of configuration data. All settings are stored in the registry (see Appendix A). The CellServDB file is now stored in either the %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\OpenAFS\Client directory (aka \ProgramData\OpenAFS\Client on Vista\Win7\2008) or the %PROGRAMFILES%\OpenAFS\Client directory. The CellServDBDir registry value or the AFSCONF environment variable can be used to specify an alternative location.

For users converting from IBM AFS clients, during installation OpenAFS will relocate the contents of the "afsdcell.ini" file to the new CellServDB file. OpenAFS will also import the contents of the "afs_freelance.ini" file to the Windows registry. OpenAFS will not process the contents of the "afsddbmt.ini".