Chapter 5. Reporting Bugs

Bug reports should be sent to Please include as much information as possible about the issue. If you are reporting a crash, please install the debugging symbols by re-running the installer. If a dump file is available for the problem, %WINDIR%\TEMP\afsd.dmp, include it along with the AFS Client Trace file %WINDIR%\TEMP\afsd.log. The AFS Client startup log is %WINDIR%\TEMP\afsd_init.log. Send the last continuous block of log information from this file.

Configuring DrWatson to generate dump files for crashes:

  1. Run drwtsn32.exe to configure or to identify where the log and the crash dump files are created:

  2. click Start > Run...

  3. type drwtsn32 <enter>.

  4. Select either a Crash Dump Type: Mini or Full.

  5. Clear Dump Symbol Table

  6. Clear Append to Existing Log file.

  7. Check Dump All Thread Contexts.

  8. Check Create Crash Dump File

  9. Next run the monitoring module of Dr. Watson:

  10. click Start > Run...

  11. type drwatson <enter>.

  12. Once a crash happens, Dr. Watson generates a dump file and a report in the log file, including the address of the crash and the stack dump.

Once you have the Dr. Watson's logfile and minidump, zip them and attach them to your e-mail.

When reporting a error, please be sure to include the version of OpenAFS.