Removing Client Functionality

Follow the instructions in this section only if you do not wish this machine to remain an AFS client. Removing client functionality means that you cannot use this machine to access AFS files.

  1. Remove the files from the /usr/vice/etc directory. The command does not remove the directory for files used by the dynamic kernel loader program, if it exists on this system type. Those files are still needed on a server-only machine.

       # cd /usr/vice/etc
       # rm  * 
       # rm -rf  C
  2. Create symbolic links to the ThisCell and CellServDB files in the /usr/afs/etc directory. This makes it possible to issue commands from the AFS command suites (such as bos and fs) on this machine.

       # ln -s /usr/afs/etc/ThisCell ThisCell
       # ln -s /usr/afs/etc/CellServDB CellServDB
  3. Reboot the machine. Most system types use the shutdown command, but the appropriate options vary.

       # cd /
       # shutdown appropriate_options