Defining Cell Membership for Client Processes

Every AFS client machine has a copy of the /usr/vice/etc/ThisCell file on its local disk to define the machine's cell membership for the AFS client programs that run on it. The ThisCell file you created in the /usr/afs/etc directory (in Defining Cell Name and Membership for Server Processes) is used only by server processes.

Among other functions, the ThisCell file on a client machine determines the following:

  1. Change to the /usr/vice/etc directory and remove the symbolic link created in Starting the BOS Server.

       # cd /usr/vice/etc
       # rm ThisCell
  2. Create the ThisCell file as a copy of the /usr/afs/etc/ThisCell file. Defining the same local cell for both server and client processes leads to the most consistent AFS performance.

       # cp  /usr/afs/etc/ThisCell  ThisCell