Starting the Database Server Processes

Next use the bos create command to create entries for the three database server processes in the /usr/afs/local/BosConfig file and start them running. The three processes run on database server machines only:


AFS ships with an additional database server named 'kaserver', which was historically used to provide authentication services to AFS cells. kaserver was based on Kerberos v4, as such, it is not recommended for new cells. This guide assumes you have already configured a Kerberos v5 realm for your site, and details the procedures required to use AFS with this realm. If you do wish to use kaserver, please see the modifications to these instructions detailed in Starting the kaserver Database Server Process

The remaining instructions in this chapter include the -cell argument on all applicable commands. Provide the cell name you assigned in Defining Cell Name and Membership for Server Processes. If a command appears on multiple lines, it is only for legibility.

  1. Issue the bos create command to start the Protection Server.

       # ./bos create <machine name> ptserver simple /usr/afs/bin/ptserver -localauth
  2. Issue the bos create command to start the VL Server.

       # ./bos create <machine name> vlserver simple /usr/afs/bin/vlserver -localauth
  3. Optionally, issue the bos create command to start the Backup Server.

       # ./bos create <machine name> buserver simple /usr/afs/bin/buserver  -localauth