Overview: Installing Server Functionality

In the first phase of installing your cell's first AFS machine, you install file server and database server functionality by performing the following procedures:

  1. Choose which machine to install as the first AFS machine

  2. Create AFS-related directories on the local disk

  3. Incorporate AFS modifications into the machine's kernel

  4. Configure partitions or logical volumes for storing AFS volumes

  5. On some system types (very rare), install and configure an AFS-modified version of the fsck program

  6. If the machine is to remain a client machine, incorporate AFS into its authentication system

  7. Start the Basic OverSeer (BOS) Server

  8. Define the cell name and the machine's cell membership

  9. Start the database server processes: Backup Server, Protection Server, and Volume Location (VL) Server

  10. Configure initial security mechanisms

  11. Start the fs process, which incorporates three component processes: the File Server, Volume Server, and Salvager

  12. Optionally, start the server portion of the Update Server