Supported System Types

The OpenAFS Release Notes for each AFS release list the supported system types. Support for subsequent revisions of an operating system often becomes available between AFS releases. The OpenAFS mailing lists can provide information regarding this interim support

It is the goal of OpenAFS to support AFS on a wide range of popular system types. Furthermore, each time an operating system vendor releases a new general availability version of a supported operating system, it is a goal to support AFS on it within a short time. Support can be delayed a bit longer if it is necessary to generate completely new binaries.

It is not always possible to support AFS on every intermediate version of an operating system or for certain processor types. In some cases, platform limitations make certain AFS functionality (such as file server or NFS/AFS translator functionality) unavailable on one or more platforms. For a list of limitations, see the OpenAFS Release Notes or ask on the OpenAFS mailing lists.