DAFS Binaries

OpenAFS ships with binaries for DAFS and non-DAFS alongside each other. Programs that exist in both DAFS and non-DAFS variants typically have a da prefix to indicate the DAFS variant. For example, dafileserver is the DAFS version of the traditional fileserver binary. Similarly for davolserver and volserver, dasalvager and salvager, and even some other tools like dafssync-debug and fssync-debug.

A DAFS-enabled fileserver will run the dafs bnode in bosserver, instead of the traditional fileserver's fs bnode. The dafs bnode runs four different binaries as opposed to the fs bnode's three. Three of the programs in the dafs bnode are just DAFS equivalents of the corresponding fs bnode programs, but the fourth one is an entirely new daemon that has no non-DAFS equivalent: the salvageserver.

Traditional binaryDAFS binary
No equivalent/usr/afs/bin/salvageserver