Volume Server Events

AFS_VS_StartP CECodeThe volume server has started.
AFS_VS_FinishCECodeThe volume server has finished. Finish events are rare since the server process is normally aborted.
AFS_VS_ExitCECodeThe volume server has exited. Exit events are rare since the server process is normally aborted.
AFS_VS_TransCrNoneECode AFSName HostID Trans VolIDAFSVolTransCreate - Create transaction for a [volume, partition]
AFS_VS_EndTrnNoneECode AFSName HostID TransAFSVolEndTrans - End a transaction.
AFS_VS_CrVolP OECode AFSName HostID Trans VolID VolName Type ParentIDAFSVolCreateVolume - Create a volume (volumeId volumeName)
AFS_VS_DelVolP OECode AFSName HostID TransAFSVolDeleteVolume - Delete a volume.
AFS_VS_NukVolP OECode AFSName HostID VolIDAFSVolNukeVolume - Obliterate a volume completely (volume ID).
AFS_VS_DumpNoneECode AFSName HostID TransAFSVolDump - Dump the contents of a volume.
AFS_VS_SigRstP MECode AFSName HostID VolNameAFSVolSignalRestore - Show intention to call AFSVolRestore.
AFS_VS_RestoreP OECode AFSName HostID TransAFSVolRestore - Recreate a volume from a dump.
AFS_VS_ForwardP OECode AFSName HostID FromTrans Host DestTransAFSVolForward - Dump a volume, then restore to a given server and volume.
AFS_VS_CloneP OECode AFSName HostID Trans Purge NewName NewType NewVolIDAFSVolClone - Clone (and optionally purge) a volume.
AFS_VS_ReCloneP OECode AFSName HostID Trans CloneVolIDAFSVolReClone - Reclone a volume.
AFS_VS_SetForwP MECode AFSName HostID Trans NewHostAFSVolSetForwarding - Set forwarding information for a moved volume.
AFS_VS_GetFlgsNoneECode AFSName HostID TransAFSVolGetFlags - Get volume flags for a transaction.
AFS_VS_SetFlgsP MECode AFSName HostID Trans FlagsAFSVolSetFlags - Set volume flags for a transaction.
AFS_VS_GetNameNoneECode AFSName HostID TransAFSVolGetName - Get the volume name associated with a transaction.
AFS_VS_GetStatNoneECode AFSName HostID TransAFSVolGetStatus - Get status of a transaction/volume.
AFS_VS_SetIdTyP MECode AFSName HostID Trans VolName Type ParentId CloneID BackupIDAFSVolSetIdsTypes - Set header information for a volume.
AFS_VS_SetDateP MECode AFSName HostID Trans DateAFSVolSetDate - Set creation date in a volume.
AFS_VS_ListParNoneECode AFSName HostIDAFSVolListPartitions - Return a list of AFS partitions on a server.
AFS_VS_ParInfNoneECode AFSName HostID PartNameAFSVolPartitionInfo - Get partition information.
AFS_VS_ListVolNoneECode AFSName HostIDAFSVolListVolumes - Return a list of volumes on a server.
AFS_VS_XLstVolNoneECode AFSName HostIDAFSVolXListVolumes - Return a (detailed) list of volumes on a server.
AFS_VS_Lst1VolNoneECode AFSName HostID VolIDAFSVolListOneVolume - Return header information for a single volume.
AFS_VS_XLst1VlNoneECode AFSName HostID VolIDAFSVolXListOneVolume - Return (detailed) header information for a single volume.
AFS_VS_GetNVolNoneECode AFSName HostID VolIDAFSVolGetNthVolume - Get volume header given its index.
AFS_VS_MonitorNoneECode AFSName HostIDAFSVolMonitor - Collect server transaction state.
AFS_VS_SetInfoP O MECode AFSName HostID TransAFSVolSetInfo - Set volume status.