Related Documents

The following documents are also included in the AFS documentation set.

OpenAFS Quick Start Guide

This guide provides instructions for installing AFS server and client machines. It is assumed that the installer is an experienced UNIX(R) system administrator.

For predictable performance, machines must be installed and configured in accordance with the instructions in this guide.

OpenAFS User Guide

This guide presents the basic concepts and procedures necessary for using AFS effectively. It assumes that the reader has some experience with UNIX, but does not require familiarity with networking or AFS.

The guide explains how to perform basic functions, including authenticating, changing a password, protecting AFS data, creating groups, and troubleshooting. It provides illustrative examples for each function and describes some of the differences between the UNIX file system and AFS.

OpenAFS Reference Manual

This reference manual details the syntax and effect of each AFS command. It is intended for the experienced AFS administrator, programmer, or user. It contains a reference page for each command or file specifying its syntax, including the acceptable aliases and abbreviations. It then describes the command's function, arguments, and output if any. Examples and a list of related commands are provided, as are warnings where appropriate.

This manual complements the OpenAFS Administration Guide: it does not include procedural information, but describes commands in more detail than the OpenAFS Administration Guide.

The OpenAFS Reference Manual is provided in the form of UNIX(R) manual pages and as HTML pages.

OpenAFS for Windows Release Notes

This document provides a series of usage notes regarding the OpenAFS for Windows client, supported platforms, contribution information, debugging techniques, and a reference to supported Windows registry values.