Writing afsmonitor Statistics to a File

All of the statistical information collected and displayed by the afsmonitor program can be preserved by writing it to an output file. You can create an output file by using the -output argument when you startup the afsmonitor process. You can use the output file to track process performance over long periods of time and to apply post-processing techniques to further analyze system trends.

The afsmonitor program output file is a simple ASCII file that records the information reported by the File Server and Cache Manager screens. The output file has the following format:

   time   host_name CM|FS   list_of_measured_values

and specifies the time at which the list_of_measured_values were gathered from the Cache Manager (CM) or File Server (FS) process housed on host_name. On those occasion where probes fail, the value -1 is reported instead of the list_of_measured_values.

This file format provides several advantages: